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Wouldn't we all like to have FREE money to pay for college. But that is not going to happen. However, you should try to get some of the FREE money that is available to help reduce your total college costs.

  1. Federal Grants: for undergraduate students only. Based on your financial situation, you may qualify some federal grant money. Most federal grants are administered by your school, so check with your college financial aid office for information on qualifying for federal grant money: see types of federal grants

  2. School Grants: many colleges offer special grants for both undergraduate and graduate students. Many of these school grants are for academic work in certain academic fields: check with your school for information.

  3. Scholarships: there are scholarships for both undergraduate and graduate level programs. Check every scholarship available. Your family employment and club affiliation may offer some scholarships: view scholarship information

  4. Military Service: all of the military programs offer tuition assistance in undergraduate and graduate programs. However, tution assistance requires you to serve a length of time in the military following your graduation: view more information

  5. Loan Forgiveness: you may have your student loan forgiven by working in under-serviced markets for certain careers; i.e., teaching: view loan forgiveness programs

  6. State Aid: some State programs offer FREE aid assistance for qualifying state residence attending an in-State school: view state education agencies for information

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